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RC: New Chums + Godless Initiation Quest by medatelle RC: New Chums + Godless Initiation Quest by medatelle
Clarke climbed up the stones and plopped down on his bottom from exhaustion, grabbing a worn towel nearby as he did. He briefly praised the coolness of the shade after being in the sun and water for the last two hours, but the comfort was soon replaced by chilliness that shook him under his skin. 

"Yoooo, ya finally got the last pieces of wood out of the way?" Rosa asked, grinning. 

"Yeah, I put them with the rest of the pile down below," Clarke replied wiping his face dry with the towel, "They were a lot harder to pick out when the tide keeps coming in and out.  

"Well, it took ya long enough haha. I got mah side cleared twenty minutes 'go. I dunno 'bout the others though. I still think they cleaning up all them rum bottles we left lying around and taking care of the docks." 


"Anyway, in this whole alliance thing... ya sure yer up for being part of us Godless?" 

"Yeah, more or less," Clarke replied, nodding. 

Rosa's grin widened, "Whas with that face, kid? Ya got a girlfriend back home that's gon be pissed if ya leave?" 

Clarke twitched when he imagined the instant Claire found out that he were to be in cahoots with a band of pirates.  

"Not exactly..." 


Eeeeek as you can see, I really need to work on backgrounds LOL. Anyway, this is to take care of two quests for rising crowns with Clarke helping clean the Sharkebite Shore after the raids and also joining the Godless pirate ranks. 

+wet haired Clarke hahahaha
mopomoko Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Student General Artist
aw yeah, you're one quest away from your first star!
ketmon Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist
about how i just realized that Clarke and Ayei almost have the same outfit........ LOL
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